On the 22nd of March 2013 between 1800hrs and 1900hrs, in the general area of Gache Gache in Mudzimu Village (Nyaminyami RDC), a male person identified as Lawrence Mafunda was attacked and killed by an elephant whilst chasing it from his maize field.

Investigations reveal that, the deceased together with his friend attempted to chase the elephant from the field with stones which frustrated the elephant. When they ran out of the stones, the deceased, Lawrence Mafunda asked his friend to go and fetch for some more stones but the elephant got angrier and turned towards Mafunda and attacked him with its tusks on his stomach, living all the intestines out. Mafunda died on the spot.

Efforts were made to track down the elephant by the scouts from the Nyaminyami RDC and fortunately the single tusked adult male elephant was tracked and killed early morning on the 23rd of March 2013.

Meanwhile Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has since intensified awareness campaign programmes in the Gache Gache Area to warn the community against provoking animals.

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