Ladies and gentlemen allow me to express my singular honour and gratitude as I humbly take this opportunity to observe all protocol and welcome you all to this very important event which marks a very positive era in the lives of Parks staff under Northern Region. Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority is a very important Government Institute mandated with the responsibility of managing the country’s fauna, flora as well as aquatic ecosystems. As such, most of our staff is stationed right in the marginalized areas of the country where they are in direct monitoring and management of the natural resources and habitat thereof. This situation is obviously exposing our staff to a lot of discomfort, risks, diseases as well as separating them from modern technology associated with urban life.


Today’s event marks quite a commendable achievement in providing health facilities to our staff. I am quite convinced that this is just but the beginning of bigger and better things to come in terms of health provision to not only our staff, but of cause this also include our valued clients visiting Mana Pools and the stake holders within the vicinity such as Tour operators. Today we could not be seated here talking of this achievement without mentioning the support we got from the Tashinga Initiative Foundation through its representative Mrs Lynne Taylor. We also would like to acknowledge and appreciate the support from the Australian Embassy in as far as funding for the construction of the clinic and Community Hall is concerned. Admittedly there are a lot of other supporters like Dr Jenkins as well as others not mentioned here whose role we value much as a positive contribution.

In order for Mana Pools to remain a world heritage site as per the listing under UNESCO, it all emanates from the good management practices on the ground which obviously I would attribute to the dedicated staff on the ground. Despite all the life threatening conditions such as malaria, sleeping sickness and other conditions associated with the Zambezi Valley environment, resident staff has continued to give its best in terms of their dedication to duty. It is therefore befitting that as the employer Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority together with its partners and concerned stakeholders continues to take strides in providing subsidized health care for its entire staff.

It is worth noting that Hwange National Park under Western Region was the Pioneer in providing health services to our staff as they have an established Clinic manned by a State Registered Nurse and other support staff to cater for the Region. Today’s event marks a new chapter for Mana Pools and all other stations within Northern Region. The Parks Principals have already endorsed the recruitment of a State Registered Nurse and other relevant support staff to be stationed here at Mana Pools sooner than later. We will also be liaising with the District Health Institution in the area for guidance and assistance wherever necessary in order to develop and fully equip the clinic.


As you may have all noticed Mana Pools is situated right on the peripheral boundary of the country with neighboring Zambia. As such transport to assist patients from Primary Care Clinic to Hospitals either in Karoi or Kariba still remains a challenge. Seen as such we continue to appeal to our partners as well as other stakeholders for the availing of equipment especially an ambulance or any other form of transport to serve the clinic.

Once again let me hasten to thank you all for taking time to grace this occasion as we now await for the official hand over of the clinic. To our dear partners, sponsors, donors and supporters I humbly urge you all to continue the good work you have initiated. It is my utmost conviction that one day we will come back here again to witness yet another developmental stage in the operationalisation of our Health facility. To the Area Manager Mana Pools, the Regional Manager all Parks staff here present I thank you very much for the good work that you will continue to do for the good of conservation, May the Lord God bless you all.

Thank you.



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